Pharmaceutical Coding

End-to-end track & trace solution

  • MEDILINE T&T is Atlantic Zeiser’s compact and quickly configurable coding system for folding boxes that have been packaged.
  • It is easy to integrate in a packaging line and connected to MEDTRACKER, the innovative central serialization software – compliant with all expected national regulations.
  • Although MEDILINE T&T operates fast – 300 boxes a minute, the vibration-free conveyor system ensures consistently high code quality.

Numerous countries will very soon be introducing an obligation to serialize drug packages. Atlantic Zeiser is now showing how this requirement can be met quickly, reliably and in a small space, for erected and closed folding boxes. The new compact and high-performance MEDILINE T&T is a complete coding system that also takes care of verification and ejection.

Beside of the local operating mode it offers seamless interfacing to the innovative serialization solution MEDTRACKER.
Thanks to central code assignment and the recording and forwarding of audit trails, high process safety is thus ensured – even for several production lines and remote facilities at the same time. MEDTRACKER is also capable of communicating by way of open interfaces with all conventional ERP systems. “We are therefore providing a future-proof and quickly installed end-to-end solution for controlling and monitoring the entire process chain – in compliance with all the relevant regulations worldwide,” insists Helmut Schneider, Product Group Manager Packaging at Atlantic Zeiser.

Incorporation of current GAMP guidelines

The detailed design specification of MEDILINE T&T is not only very well conceived, but also gives consideration to the most recent GAMP guidelines, including as regards ease of access, line clearance and convenient cleaning. Given the variable conveyor heights and adjustment references, MEDILINE T&T is especially easy to integrate in existing production lines. Job selection and the intuitive control of all functions take place by way of one central touch screen. Quick set-up times were likewise at the forefront of considerations when the system’s mechanical components were being designed. Efficient workflows can consequently be maintained even in case of frequent job changes.

Non-slip box transport

Equipped with a cartridge-based printing system, MEDILINE T&T delivers a production speed of up to 300 folding boxes a minute with a print resolution of 600 dpi. In order to achieve consistently high coding quality, the vibration-free transport system includes a conveyor belt with special pusher fingers. They transport a wide variety of folding box formats with extreme precision and without any slippage. A built-in inspection camera and sensors reliably reject non-compliant items as necessary. All events are also reported to the MEDTRACKER software for logging in the central memory. Among the options available with MEDILINE T&T are a labeller, e.g. for Bollini labels, and additional printers and cameras, e.g. for helper codes.

Ute Heiler