Successful presentation of new products at drupa 2016

Designs in multiple colors, serialization with process safety

  • Innovative products for serialization and late stage customization meet with great interest from pharma-oriented packaging and label printers.
  • For the first time worldwide, the DIGILINE Versa combines serialization and late stage customization in multiple colors.
  • The DIGILINE Label – Offline system allows serialized labels to be pre-produced – fast, in abrasion-resistant quality, and with optimum process safety.

The drupa 2016 exhibition marks a turning point for track & trace expert Atlantic Zeiser: “We clearly noted strongly increasing interest in finalizing pharmaceutical packaging and labels at the latest possible moment”, says Manfred Minich, CEO of Atlantic Zeiser, summarizing the exhibition. “More and more countries require serialization, and late stage customization of packaged pharmaceuticals is becoming increasingly urgent in view of continuously decreasing lot sizes. A large number of visitors therefore sought contact with us – many of them with specific project enquiries and investment plans.”

Presentations with topic “Serialization meets Late Stage Customization” done by Atlantic Zeiser experts at the “drupa touchpoint packaging” that was part of the Innovationsparks were very well attended.

Visitors were also particularly interested in a veritable world debut at drupa exhibition. Atlantic Zeiser premiered a solution that allows users to print all information that varies by market, language, or product on flat or already-bonded cartons immediately in front of the packaging process in multiple colors, while simultaneously serializing the cartons during the same process step. Thanks to the new OMEGA Pro DoD UV inkjet generation, the new DIGILINE Versa system is able to digitally print graphic and text elements as well as serialization codes in four or six colorsto verify the complete layout by means of a A high-resolution camera system, and to reject it products if required. A high-resolution camera system verifies the complete layout and triggers ejection if required. Based on UV-curable inks, the resulting printing quality features high contrasts and is resistant to water, light, and wear. “The huge number of visitors throughout the exhibition and their questions, some of which were very in-depth, showed us that we premiered the DIGILINE Versa at exactly the right time. Many visitors confirmed that this solution may very well be unique”, said Helmut Schneider, Product Group Manager Packaging at Atlantic Zeiser.

The professional visitors also focused on the new DIGILINE Label – Offline, which allows users to pre-produce and serialize (pharmaceutical) labels – fast, in abrasion-resistant quality, and with optimum process safety. This means that the serialization and the label dispensing processes can be separated both physically and in time. Pre-serialized labels can be produced in one centralized location for several packaging lines, or be outsourced to external label printers. Those who operate several packaging lines that do not consume more than 60m per minute label material can concentrate label printing with DIGILINE Label Offline system in an efficient and space saving way within the production process”, explains Michael Urso, Product Manager Pharma & Packaging Solutions at Atlantic Zeiser.

Both systems – DIGILINE Versa and DIGILINE Label Offline – feature the powerful Unique Code Software which ensures that codes are successfully generated, printed and stored with optimal process safety after camera verification, while related reports can be produced for downstream processes.

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Ute Heiler