Trustech 2016: Innovations in card personalization

Cost per card radically reduced

  • New: PERSOMASTER – the personalization system for banking cards
    • Consumable costs reduced by up to 98 percent, and unprecedented flexibility for the design and positioning of personalized data
  • New: CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus
    • Brilliant colors for personalized gift cards – cost-effective even for short-run production

Is anyone marketing a personalization system for banking cards that costs no more than it saves on consumables within one year while offering practically unlimited flexibility in the personalization layout? At the Trustech 2016 fair in Cannes, the world’s largest event dedicated to trust-based technologies, Atlantic Zeiser is presenting its new PERSOMASTER personalization system (Palais 01, Booth H 010). The company is also showcasing its new CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus, an all-in-one solution for producing and inline personalizing gift cards with up to six colors within a very small footprint.

Compared to thermal transfer printing, for example, the drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet based PERSOMASTER can curb consumables expenditure when personalizing banking cards by up to 98 percent. “The era of thermal transfer printing and embossing is certainly coming to an end in this segment,” says Friedbert Bayer, business area manager in the security printing systems division of Atlantic Zeiser, with just a hint of nostalgia. “An honest appraisal of these techniques’ overall operating costs indicates that they are barely justifiable nowadays.” But cost is not the only compelling argument in favor of DoD printing for banking cards. Thanks to the use of special UV ink, standardized abrasion tests have shown that the printed personalization data are four times more durable than with thermal transfer printing, and therefore much longer lasting. As a non-impact technique, DoD printing practically eliminates wear from the personalization process so that the equipment requires little maintenance. It also offers the key benefit of being around three times faster than conventional technologies. In view of the high-resolution print image on the front and back of the card, including the CVV2, and the exceptional print durability, the two major credit card companies, Visa and MasterCard, have already given their blessing to this technology across their full range of specified products. Using DoD printing, the CVV2 can even be personalized in the signature panel.

Flexible placing of data

Developed specifically for banking cards with EMV chips, PERSOMASTER also offers practically unlimited flexibility for the design and placing of the personalized data. It thus satisfies the desire of many issuers to use their cards more effectively as marketing tools, which is a benefit that embossing or indenting are unable to provide. “White lettering on a dark background, horizontal or vertical card orientation, rapid font style and size changes, flexible positioning of the card holder’s details – the design freedom now offered by PERSOMASTER is unprecedented, and DoD printing is seen as the only technology capable of delivering these layout options economically,” insists Bayer. The UV-cured special ink produces a slightly raised, tactile image that further enhances the card’s appearance.

Simple integration in personalization workflow

PERSOMASTER is capable of processing the familiar personalization data formats for banking cards, so that customers’ existing IT infrastructure can remain in use. For chip programming purposes, support is provided for contact, contactless and dual interface cards.

The efficient control of EMV chip programming is facilitated by Atlantic Zeiser’s additional offering of intuitive software solutions. These take charge of cryptographic keys, the EMV-compliant processing of the raw data, as well as the actual script-based electrical personalization. The use of GlobalPlatform scripting, a processing language for chip programming that is recognized as a global standard, enables customers easily to design their own programming at an affordable cost with extremely short response times.

Prints gift cards with brilliant colors while reducing costs

The new CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus enables users to print and personalize high-quality gift cards in a single production pass with unprecedented color brilliance and efficiency, even for short runs. CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus is the first system worldwide to use UV ink for printing six colors while fully personalizing the output – without any preprocessing of the blank PVC cards. Thanks to high-resolution digital printing, even the finest details and outlines can be reproduced with phenomenal clarity. The quality of the output is largely attributable to a new generation of OMEGA Pro printers with DoD technology for UV ink. “CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus complements the customary offset printing color spectrum with numerous special colors, and produces the individual tones durably and consistently,” explains Bayer. This capability is a major boon for card issuers, who attach the utmost priority to the accurate reproduction of their trademarks and logos. These requirements could be satisfied thus far only with the larger print runs and higher costs associated with offset printing. “Measured against legacy systems, the DoD technology of CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus enables users to reduce the cost of printing and personalizing gift cards by around 90 percent,” remarks Bayer.

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Ute Heiler