TRUSTECH 2017: Economic personalization of banking cards

  • The new PERSOMASTER-X revolutionizes the cost-efficient personalization of EMV Credit and Debit Cards – down to batch size one.
  • Unique and budget-friendly: despite high speeds, it requires only one DoD inkjet printing module in order to print two-sided cards.
  • Thanks to an optional mailing module, it can process complete personalization tasks in one single operation.

PERSOMASTER-X brings about a revolution in the personalization of banking cards: for what may well be the first time, brilliant and cost-efficient DoD printing technology can economically process daily operations as well as typical order peaks – at the lowest costs per card, with a virtually unprecedented freedom in designing and placing personalized data. Atlantic Zeiser will premiere the system at the Trustech 2017 fair in Cannes (Riviera B 060). Thanks to a new, innovative design, PERSOMASTER-X requires only one DoD inkjet printing module in order to print two-sided cards – even at high speeds of up to 2,100 cards per hour. This results in reduced capital expenditure and faster amortization.

Thanks to its rainbow deck capability, PERSOMASTER-X can also process many small, completely different orders in one production run – seamlessly and without any interruptions, even in cases of batch sizes of one. PERSOMASTER-X therefore makes it possible to use the advantages of the brilliant, highly abrasion-resistant DoD printing technology for an even wider range of print runs.

Intelligent features

Equipped with additional features and options, PERSOMASTER-X is a highly efficient personalization system. The intelligent automated cleaning of the inkjet nozzles, for instance, ensures constantly perfect printing quality and optimal availability. A self-learning control camera safeguards maximum process safety. It is auto-calibrated rather than requiring time-consuming separate setup procedures. This process also fully supports rainbow decks. And while the cards are being personalized, an optional PERSOMASTER-X mailing module can already prepare everything for sending. It operates in parallel, printing personalized business letters, applying up to four cards inline, folding the mail piece, adding enclosures, and inserting the package into envelopes ready for sending. Users can thereby safely process complete personalization tasks – in one single operation and on one machine.

Switch to next-generation technology

„PERSOMASTER-X now offers users a cost-efficient opportunity to switch from outdated, high-maintenance and inflexible mechanical embossing, and abrasion-prone, consumption-intensive thermal transfer printing to the next-generation DoD technology. This can curb consumables expenditure when personalizing banking cards by up to 98 percent”, says Friedbert Bayer, business area manager in the Security Printing Systems division of Atlantic Zeiser. Since 2009, DoD technology has already been endorsed for all specified card products by large payment schemes such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Thanks to the use of special UV-cured ink in the DoD technology, the printed personalization data are four times more durable than with thermal transfer printing or with the topping used for embossing, and therefore much longer lasting. DoD printing is a non-impact technology and hence and practically eliminates wear from the personalization process so that the equipment requires little maintenance. At the same time, DoD technology offers practically unlimited flexibility for the design and placing of the personalized data. It thus satisfies the desire of many issuers to use their cards more effectively as marketing tools, which is a benefit that embossing is unable to provide. Its advantages include white lettering on a dark background, horizontal or vertical card orientation, rapid font style and size changes, and flexible positioning of the card holder’s details.

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Ute Heiler

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