Trustech 2019: New PERSOMASTER

Efficient and economic personalization of ID cards – with laser marking and brilliant, fast color DoD printing

  • The new PERSOMASTER combines high-security laser marking and brilliant four-color DoD printing.
  • Compared to the combination of laser marking and dye-sublimation printing, it offers superior print quality, enhanced durability and a much lower cost per card.
  • Clever two-in-one solution – appropriate configuration enables PERSOMASTER to also personalize flat financial cards, with full rainbow deck functionality.

At the Trustech 2019 (Booth B 055), Atlantic Zeiser is presenting how ID cards – national identity cards, driver’s licenses and voter cards – can be personalized by combining high-security laser marking and drop-on-demand (DoD) color printing. Compared to the legacy solution of combining laser marking and dye-sublimation printing, the new PERSOMASTER drastically reduces the cost per card. At the same time, it delivers significantly enhanced color brilliance on resilient and durable polycarbonate cards that are widely used for official identity cards. For cards that do not require laser marking, such as health insurance cards, the new PERSOMASTER is also much faster than legacy dye-sublimation personalization systems, thanks to superior DoD technology. In addition, it supports the option of printing with special inks. A further benefit of the new PERSOMASTER is its ability, when appropriately configured, to also personalize flat financial cards. Instead of having to invest in two different systems, thanks to its modular design, customers can use a PERSOMASTER system that was originally procured for an ID project to personalize financial cards as well – if necessary with add-ons such as the magnetic encoding module. For financial card personalization purposes, the PERSOMASTER even offers true rainbow deck capabilities. In other words, it can process multiple small and completely different orders in a single production run – seamlessly and without any interruptions, even in case of order sizes of one. In consequence, it offers unprecedented flexibility for the design and positioning of the personalized data. Set-up and teach-in of the print control camera, which is usually very time-consuming, especially with multiple small orders, is no longer required. Manual cleaning of print heads, which often leads to production downtimes, is also eliminated. In combination with the optional inline mailing module, the PERSOMASTER can take charge of the complete workflow associated with personalizing ID and financial cards.

Consistently flawless print quality, minimized ink consumption

A key element of the PERSOMASTER is the OMEGA Pro, the new Atlantic Zeiser UV DoD inkjet printer. It uses innovative Embedded RIP technology to facilitate inline ripping of all variable data. The resulting time saving during data preparation is enormous. In addition, fully automatic, contact-free cleaning of the inkjet nozzles ensures consistently flawless print quality and minimal ink consumption. Print bars currently not in use are selectively capped, which also optimizes print head availability. The target of efficient rainbow deck processing has also triggered a new approach to print verification. Time-consuming manual set-up has become a thing of the past because the control camera is now able to adjust itself dynamically on the fly. This functionality is provided by the new generic software VERICAM Pro. It is based on ultra-modern technologies that are already proven in a variety of applications and industries, and runs on SmartCamera hardware that operates extremely efficiently as regards both performance and resource usage.

The future belongs to DoD printing technology because it delivers not only a much lower cost per card than legacy processes, but also enhanced performance, flexibility and print quality. The new PERSOMASTER impressively demonstrates how these benefits can be combined in perfect harmony with proven security features, such as laser marking.

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Ute Heiler