BRANDTRACKER: New Atlantic Zeiser software solution

Comprehensive data management software for the cosmetics industry monitors and analyzes gray market product streams to protect brands and improve bottom line

Atlantic Zeiser, a global solutions provider of dedicated personalization and coding systems, has released BrandTracker, a comprehensive data management software solution for the cosmetics industry. BRANDTRACKER is part of Atlantic Zeiser’s broad portfolio of software management solutions, and it seamlessly integrates with the company’s range of printing and encoding solutions, as well as legacy systems. BRANDTRACKER will be shown at FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany, from 24 – 26 September 2013 (hall 3, stand 349), and at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels from 24 – 27 September (hall 7, stand K99)

BRANDTRACKER is a software solution that monitors and analyses gray market streams to reduce product diversion; identifies counterfeit products; leverages enterprise-wide CRM systems to optimize communication with customers; and provides a high level of general brand protection. Its primary market is cosmetics brand owners, but BRANDTRACKER can also support any branded product that faces the risk of diversion, counterfeiting, or plagiarizing.

“BRANDTRACKER provides new and flexible ways to protect branded products against losses due to diversion and plagiarizing,” said Dr. Stefan Öing, Director Business Development Software Solutions, Atlantic Zeiser. “When combined with CRM systems, BRANDTRACKER gives brand owners a powerful new tool that can reduce gray market activity, improve supply chain visibility, and enhance customer relationships.”

Products to be protected are marked by unique visible and/or hidden security attributes, which link to information related to the value/logistics chain. This enables a high degree of track and trace visibility and analysis. The printed attributes are easily read and transmitted by smart phones or may be entered online. The information can be coupled with CRM codes (e.g., printed as QR codes), which makes it possible to implement automated brand protection measures while exchanging useful data with consumers.

Typically this data management process involves multiple interfaces, all of which are managed by BRANDTRACKER. One datastream, for example, would be linked to a brand owner’s and/or inspector’s application (which typically seeks track and trace information related to certain gray market codes). Another would connect to various parties within the value/logistics chain; e.g., to the printing and packaging lines, logistics/shipment center, ERP system, etc. to accumulate all relevant track and trace data. All codes with related production and logistics data are stored in a secure database for use in gray market analysis and authentication, or to create a properly documented “e-pedigree” for each product.

BRANDTRACKER is suitable for use by brand owners; government agencies (e.g. Ministry of Finance for tax protection); print service providers working for brand owners; and branded products logistics centers and wholesalers. BrandTracker offers a fully automated workflow-driven approach and may be customized to fit into existing legacy workflows, or as a standalone solution. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) version hosted by Atlantic Zeiser also is an option. The software is available for shipment immediately.