Our History


From humble beginnings to a global player.


Past. Present. Future.

Atlantic Zeiser has its roots in the company Zeiser, founded in 1955, where Alois Zeiser started producing mechanical numbering machines. In the 1990s, the company moved into the digital printing technology.

The subsequent use of

  • the machines in safety-relevant areas,
  • the company’s innovative inkjet process,
  • the development of expertise in the production of special inks and
  • the development of software with high security architecture

were only a few logical steps into the company's further development as a leading provider of sophisticated personalization, customization and brand protection solutions.

Atlantic Zeiser provides solutions for complex tasks, which are characterized by efficiency, reliability, and future compatibility. Since we develop and produce all core technologies in-house, our customers benefit from an unrivaled know-how chain of hardware, software, and ink solutions. We offer compelling solutions from a single source.


Introduction of a new version of PERSOSMART which allows full-color edge-to-edge artwork printing and personalization starting from blank or pre-printed cards.

At Pack Expo Chicago Atlantic Zeiser presents DIGILINE Vario, a new system for direct printing of flexible narrow web materials. Launch of PERSOSMART – a compact system for flat card personalization with new ProFlo inkjet technology – at TRUSTECH in Paris.

Introduction of the OMEGA ProFlo inkjet technology – an enhanced version of the successful Atlantic Zeiser OMEGA Pro series.

With the DIGILINE Versa Atlantic Zeiser enters the Consumer Goods Packaging market. This solution enables brand owners of consumer packaged goods late-stage packaging customization.

Atlantic Zeiser joins the Coesia Group with its business segments Card Systems, Packaging Printing and Inkjet Technologies. The remaining business operation is renamed ZEISER and continues as a subsidiary of the Orell Füssli AG with its focus on supplying the security printing industry with impact and non-impact serialization solutions.

Serialization meets Late-Stage Customization: with the OMEGA Pro UV inkjet generation and the DIGILINE Versa system Atlantic Zeiser presents the latest DoD inkjet technology for late-stage packaging printing and serialization.

The global debut at Cartes exhibition in Paris: PERSOMASTER EMV banking card personalization system – the first DoD solution specifically for banking cards.

At Interpack Atlantic Zeiser presents DIGILINE Versa, a system solution for late-stage packaging printing, serialization and coding.

The CARDLINE VERSA is the best-selling personalization system for multi-voucher scratch cards, instant lottery applications, gift cards, and similar products.

As a provider of sophisticated individualization and track & trace systems for efficient, comprehensive product tracking and secure verification and reliable counterfeiting protection, Atlantic Zeiser goes to the challenging pharmaceutical and cosmetics market.

Atlantic Zeiser is one of the technology leaders for DoD inkjet printing systems.

VISA & MasterCard grant approval for the DoD printing technology used to personalize flat financial cards. For the first time ever, Atlantic Zeiser presents a four-color printing system based on the DoD technology.
Other new development is the Gray Market Control software for gray market and CRM coding.

Atlantic Zeiser introduces its own printer system based on the drop-on-demand (DoD) UV inkjet technology, which ensures excellent printing results. Against this background, the company starts to develop and sell complete systems for product coding and tracking. 2004 also saw the introduction of chip programming for cards.

Orell Füssli Holding AG acquires Atlantic Zeiser. The listed Swiss company has earned a good reputation in the high-security printing segment.

Atlantic Zeiser enters the booming market of plastic cards with the CARDLINE, a modular high-performance system for personalization of Cards.

Atlantic Zeiser acquires a majority interest in Tritron GmbH, a company specializing in inks and ink accessories for non-impact printing processes.

Atlantic Zeiser Inc., the US-based subsidiary, starts cultivating the US market.

By embarking on new inkjet technologies, the beginning of in-house ink development and the integration of video surveillance systems, Atlantic Zeiser became an international system integrator.

The strategic merger of Zeiser with the US-based company Atlantic Control Systems resulted in the creation of Atlantic Zeiser.

Atlantic Zeiser has its roots in the company Zeiser, founded in 1955, where Alois Zeiser starts to produce mechanical numbering machines. In the 1990s, the company moves into the digital printing technology.