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The Environmental and Business Benefits of Late-Stage Customization

By facilitating short response times and great agility in packaging design for event-driven and seasonal marketing campaigns, i.e. for specific target groups or completely personalized, late-stage customization achieves two goals.

Supply chain efficiency substantially curtails the consumption of resources. Late-stage customization serves as an excellent model of how to meet marketing goals while at the same time adopting business practices that are sustainable from an economic and environmental perspective.



Late-Stage Packaging Customization

Late-stage customization, individualization and personalization, even with batch sizes of one, rank among the key concepts that are shaping the future of packaging. Practically every producer of consumer goods is already formulating plans, taking the first steps towards implementation, or applying the relevant practices.

Manage small volumes, reduce costs, improve productivity and speed up time to market. Just take an offset preprinted carton and digitally individualize it for different packaging variants.


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Cards – Rainbow Deck Processing

Atlantic Zeiser’s full “rainbow deck” functionality enables to print and inspect multiple small and completely different orders in a single production run – seamlessly and without any interruptions. Instead of a single batch of 50,000 identical products, now it is possible to produce simultaneously 50,000 individualized batches of size “one” with full verification, data security and integrity.

The performance of the prepress workflow to achieve such flexibility is important: specifically, the knowledge of how to rip variable data components inline, so that no unnecessarily large amounts of data have to be transferred through completely pre-ripped documents.


Print Verification

The target to efficiently process "rainbow decks" has triggered a new approach for print verification. Time-consuming manual set-up has become a thing of the past because the control camera is able to adjust itself dynamically on the fly. This functionality is provided by our new generic software VERICAM Pro.

It is based on ultra-modern technologies that are already proven in a variety of applications and industries, and runs on SmartCamera hardware that operates extremely efficiently in regards to both performance and resource usage.