PERSOMASTER Pro Banking Card

EMV banking card personalization system - first with DoD inkjet technology (up to 3,000 cards/hour*)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Card Personalization
  • INDUSTRY: Cards
  • SEGMENT: Financial Cards


​PERSOMASTER Pro brings about a revolution in the personalization of banking cards: for the first time, vivid and cost-efficient DoD printing technology covers the whole spectrum of print runs, from rainbow decks with small batches to re-issuance peaks with several million cards. The performance range of the compact, modular and extremely flexible system extends to 3,000 cards an hour.

Atlantic Zeiser has 15+ years of real field experience in DoD inkjet printing. With an installed base of hundreds of DoD personalization systems, we are the world leader in cutting-edge DoD based personalization solutions.

PERSOMASTER Pro offers full rainbow deck capabilities. It can process many small, very different orders in one production batch – seamlessly and without any interruption.

PERSOMASTER Pro makes it possible to use the advantages of the brilliant, highly abrasion-resistant DoD personalization and color printing technology for an even wider range of production runs.

* Production speeds will vary depending on machine configuration, modules used, card material and/or application

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unprecedented flexibility for the design and positioning of personalized data
  • High-resolution graphic personalization in black, white and color
  • Up to 98% cost savings
  • Superior durability compared to legacy solutions
  • Simple integration in personalization workflow
  • Perfectly integrates with third party chip personalization and production management software


Infeed station designed for scratch-free feeding from two magazines; double cards are automatically detected and rejected into a lockable reject box

Magnetic Encoding
High-precision ISO magnetic encoding of LoCo and HiCo cards with the card in a static position

Chip Programming
Scalable chip programming; up to 21 reader interfaces; high-speed programming of contact, contactless or dual-interface cards; Open DLL Interface

Product ID Verification
VERICAM Pro camera-based reading of a product ID code pre-printed on the card body; fast setup as no layout parameters are required for teach-in

DoD Printing
Deep black, opaque white and vivid color graphical personalization (account number, expiry date, name, CVV2, barcodes, 2D codes, color photographs)

Print Verification
No time-consuming set-up and teach-in of the print control camera; VERICAM Pro print control camera solution to perform on-the-fly dynamic adjustments

Label Application
Inline application of activation labels; no tooling required

Flipping & Buffer
Inline processing of both card faces at full speed; embedded card buffer for emptying upstream modules during a downstream stop

Stack Sorting
Includes two card magazines and flexible sorting modes for easy handling of personalized cards​

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