Compact color edge-to-edge card printing and personalization system (up to 1,500 cards/hour*)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Card Personalization
  • INDUSTRY: Cards
  • SEGMENT: Commercial Cards, Financial Cards, ID Cards


The new PERSOSMART offers full-color edge-to-edge printing for a great look and feel of your cards. PERSOSMART is an ideal opportunity to customize all types of fiancial cards, ID and voters cards, healthcare cards, and even loyalty or gift cards. Its compelling print quality is always ensured, even with fashionable matte cards, hybrid metallic cards, or eco-friendly materials. For an extremely elegant look on dark surfaces, the PERSOSMART can also use high-quality opaque white ink.

Engineered as a mid-range system for an hourly output of up to 1,500 cards* (mono dual sided), the PERSOSMART has a limited footprint of less than six square meters. Whether operating as the main production line or as a cost-effective backup for an existing larger line – the PERSOSMART is equipped for all current card design trends.

* Throughput up to 1,500 cards per hour in monochrome (1,200 in color) – dependent on machine configuration

Key Features and Benefits

  • Powerful and flexible platform for individual system configuration
  • Only one single inkjet printing module to print front and rear sides of the cards
  • Full-color edge-to-edge artwork print and personalization starting from blank or pre-printed cards
  • High quality drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet printing in deep black, opaque white, crispy CMYK – using latest ProFlo inkjet technology
  • DoD printing gives designers nearly unlimited freedom when configuring the personal data that appear on the cards, even with vertical card layouts
  • Lowest cost per card on the market


Card Input
Input module designed for scratch-free feeding from two magazines; double cards are automatically detected and rejected into a lockable reject box; up to 4 magazines; metal card kit available

Product ID Verification
VERICAM Pro camera verification to check correct preparation of rainbow decks; card orientation verification; fast setup, no layout parameters required for teach-in; X/Y print registration function for precise positioning of personalized content

Magnetic Encoding
High-precision ISO magnetic encoding of LoCo and HiCo cards with the card in a static position

Chip Encoding
Scalable numbers of chip programming heads; up to 12 reader interfaces; high-speed encoding of contact, contactless or dual-interface cards

Laser Marking
Grayscale laser marking; uses end-pumped solid-state laser units; embedded flipping feature for processing both card sides with one single laser (optional); MLI and CLI laser marking module (optional)

DoD Printing
Robust edge-to-edge full-color DoD printing without any impact on system performance; superior abrasion resistance and adhesion to a wide variety of card materials and surfaces; deep black or opaque white personalization (PAN, expiry date, cardholder name, CVC/CVV, barcodes, 2D and QR codes); 600 dpi high-resolution for smallest fonts; on the fly RIPing; highest level of production yield due to fully automated cleaning; air-cooled LED curing

UV Varnish
Varnish protection for extended card life and security; superior abrasion resistance and long-term durability; edge-to-edge or spot color varnish to embellish and outline selected card areas

Print Verification
100% OCV (Optical Character Verification), 1D/2D code reading; secure print verification independent of card backgrounds

Pre-printed and Print-on-Demand Labeling
Inline application of pre-printed activation labels; handles a wide variety of label dimensions; no tooling required for different label sizes; print-on-demand labeling to apply blank labels and dynamically personalize them on the fly

Card Output
Output module; up to 2 magazines; cards can be removed without stopping the machine

Control PC and Data Management
Full rainbow deck capabilities; intuitive user interface; Windows based; handles a wide variety of file formats

Open DLL Interface
Customer-based interfacing with external data sources; easy integration with external chip personalization platforms

Chip Personalization Software
Independent solution supporting a wide variety of different personalization machine models from various vendors; supports a wide variety of card manufacturers; handles both global platform and proprietary chips; offers one-step data preparation requiring less hardware using the same server hosting both data preparation and personalization; modular architecture

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