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Exciting new opportunities for all card issuers: Atlantic Zeiser is now a certified solution provider for Mastercard® logo printing

Atlantic Zeiser is known for its commitment to meeting the very specific needs of its customers. For card manufacturers and issuers, the company is always striving to further advance its solutions for designing, encoding and personalizing cards. Now customers can look forward to yet another benefit: Atlantic Zeiser has been authorized by Mastercard® for logo printing. Gaël Murat, Senior Commercial Director adds: “Specifically, Atlantic Zeiser is now listed as a certified solution provider for printing the Mastercard® logo on financial cards.”

As a result, card issuers can print Mastercard® logo as well as card artwork and data full-color in a single pass, enabling them to significantly reduce their card inventory – with a direct positive impact on the bottom line. Gaël Murat, Senior Commercial Director explains: “Card issuers use pre-printed cards. So, if someone produces three hundred card variants, for example, they need to procure them and have them all in stock. With the new Mastercard® logo printing authorization, the number of card types can be significantly reduced. In fact, there may be only one type of blank card for Mastercard®.”

PERSOSMART Color with OMEGA ProFlo technology: From a blank template to a fully personalized card in a single pass

Atlantic Zeiser’s OMEGA ProFlo technology (drop-on-demand UV inkjet) has been certified as a high-performance system for printing the Mastercard® logo. This feature is found in many Atlantic Zeiser machine solutions, for example, the recently introduced PERSOSMART Color. With OMEGA ProFlo, it is possible to print cards from a blank template to a fully personalized card – in a single pass. Existing customers who are already equipped with the certified technology can now purchase the “Mastercard Logo Print Pack” from Atlantic Zeiser, which includes all the tools needed to achieve the desired print results. New customers can also purchase this pack in conjunction with a new machine.

Fast certification thanks to tried & tested high quality

To achieve certification, Atlantic Zeiser underwent quality testing whereby Mastercard® rigorously checked Atlantic Zeiser’s OMEGA ProFlo technology’s ability to reproduce the Mastercard® logo’s three colors in yellow and red tones in the required quality. Gaël Murat, Senior Commercial Director, confirms: “After Mastercard® received our samples, we were given authorization within just 10 working days. This clearly speaks for the exceptional printing results of our state-of-the-art drop-on-demand (DoD) technology."

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“Brand identity & image, small batches, biometric and metal cards – the new PERSOSMART Color is perfectly equipped to handle current trends in 2024.” Impressions from TRUSTECH 2023