Industrial inkjet components for coding, personalization and customization are used in high-performance system solutions for card and packaging markets

Print components are available in different widths and resolutions covering a range of industrial applications. These are supplemented by a portfolio of spezialized UV driers, inks, controllers and software components.

A range of Atlantic Zeiser inkjet print components can be integrated with industry-leading card and packaging systems. Flexible components such as OMEGA and DELTA offer market-leading speed and resolution for monochrome narrow format printing up to 210 mm width. Thanks to the implementation of grayscale technology, the highest print quality with outstanding productivity can be achieved. Complementary scratch-resistant gloss varnish can be applied either as a full bleed or spot coating for even more eye-catching effects. Systems can provide fully integrated spot-color functionality with the highest level of personalization, including color management, ink formulation, label design and DoD output. GAMMA four-color printer modules offer complete customization functionality with a wide color gamut for brilliant tones and shades.

Atlantic Zeiser’s UV curing technology uses environmentally friendly ozone-free SENSECURE UV curing lamps and SMARTCURE UV LED curing units. These feature a flexible and compact, low-heat design  that can be adapted for any system solution or application. Atlantic Zeiser has led the development of air- and water-cooled SMARTCURE units, as well as the FREEZECURE air pinning bar, enabling a wide range of highly efficient curing units that improve overall system productivity.

Specially developed and adapted inks are the key to improving reliability, print quality and economics. Atlantic Zeiser water-based and UV curing ink formulations are suitable for numerous applications. In combination with the OMEGA, DELTA and GAMMA printer families, even specialty inks such as solvent-based, invisible/no-copy, and MICR can be used to cover new applications.


Printing Systems

Innovative and proven inkjet printing solutions for late-stage customization, personalization, coding and marking.

Curing Systems

Print quality largely depends on how jetted ink is fixed onto the substrate.

Industrial Inks

Specially developed and adapted ink products that deliver reliability, high quality and productivity, are a key contributor to a good return on investment. A wide range of formulations is available in combination with Atlantic Zeiser printer modules, covering numerous applications providing a high degree of flexibility.


Powerful, compact and easy-to-use solution providing seamless and efficient connectivity between inkjet integration modules and end-to-end system solutions and/or cameras with full configuration flexibility.

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