Curing Systems

The latest drying and curing technology from Atlantic Zeiser

Print quality largely depends on how jetted ink is fixed onto the substrate.

The ink drying or curing process determines the print quality of text and ink adhesion to the substrate. In addition, the UV module’s curing power limits the productivity of the printing system. Atlantic Zeiser was among the first companies to offer UV curing LED technology and uses only the best components to provide optimized curing solutions for customer needs.

Atlantic Zeiser inks, developed and manufactured in-house, are perfectly adapted to the curing devices used. Atlantic Zeiser’s drying and curing product range is flexible and application-focused.



Proven air- and water-cooled SMARTCURE UV LED series not only optimizes print quality, but features a more compact UV curing design for a perfect match in inkjet printing systems.


These compact modules offer the best of both worlds by curing UV-C and UV-A inks in a highly efficient and productive way. With low-heat radiation and minimal ozone emissions, SENSECURE modules are also environmentally friendly.


The FREEZECURE air-cooled UV light "bar" has a wide print head and compact emitting area, which makes it particularly well suited for UV pinning applications.