Low-cost and compact air-cooled UV LED curing lamp for pinning and curing inks and coatings

Printing high-quality, 4-color process images in high-speed, single-pass production environments demands well-controlled droplet behavior on the substrate. As soon as multiple colors or print heads print inline wet-on-dry, a pinning unit is used to control droplet behavior once it hits the substrate surface. In this way, print quality and speed can be controlled.

UV LED lamps can be very effective for a technique known as “pinning.” Pinning allows ink to be partially cured immediately after jetting – reducing dot gain and producing a sharper, more vibrant image. Pinning can result in a noticeable improvement in image quality because the jetted ink is effectively frozen in place until final cure. This is particularly useful when printing on media with low absorbance, where the ink tends to spread.

When printing 4-color process in a single-pass application such as the GAMMA, FREEZECURE prevents droplets from merging too early and causing low-quality results. It cures the droplet and prevents it from running (dot gain) and merging with other colors printed shortly after. This results in sharp and crisp images, as well as controlled color management for consistent image output.



Clemens Störk