Specially formulated curing technology for your high-speed production requirements

In addition to the more common UV LED technology, a number of applications are still processed with traditional UV lamps. SENSECURE is an ideal match between Atlantic Zeiser inks and DELTA UV printers for high-speed applications.

Traditional UV lamps are mainly used for curing conventional UV inks and coatings. Ink formulations contain different photo initiators (chemical reaction initiators; each having a specific sensitivity range of the UV light spectrum) which cause a chemical reaction within milliseconds and cure the entire ink layer (also called polymerization). Since this process takes place almost instantaneously, these ink formulations are suitable for high-speed production.

Standard UV curing lamps are especially suited for long runs where the unit is not regularly switched on and off, which can dramatically reduce the lifetime of a UV curing lamp. Thanks to Atlantic Zeiser’s expertise in UV curing technology, SENSECURE UV lamps are built for environmentally friendly, ozone-free operation.

Type Illuminated Area (w) Curing
SENSECURE 150 UV-A 150 mm UV-A lamp source (ozone-free)
SENSECURE 150 UV-C 150 mm UV-C lamp source (ozone-free)
SENSECURE 250 UV-A 250 mm UV-A lamp source (ozone-free)
SENSECURE 250 UV-C 250 mm UV-C lamp source (ozone-free)

Clemens Störk

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