Industrial Inks

Atlantic Zeiser industrial drop-on-demand inks are the industry benchmark in substrate flexibility

Specialty inks for personalization applications have been developed and optimized by Atlantic Zeiser to meet the needs of the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), cosmetics and card printing and personalization industries. By integrating market experience with the growing demand for raw materials, our newest ink formulations can be used for niche market applications, as well as a wide range of substrates, offering highest levels of print reliability and quality.

Printing at consistently high quality onto a range of substrates requires not only a wide ink formulation portfolio, but also formulations based on the final application and print head technology used. Well-formulated inks ensure continued print quality, system uptime reliability, and high productivity without user intervention. In addition to offering a multitude of black inks, our years of experience in formulating tailored, customer-oriented solutions allows us to offer ink options such as spot color, wide gamut CMYK, and white ink.

Driven by Atlantic Zeiser’s pioneering work in LED UV curing technology, our proprietary ink technology and process know-how have led to a variety of ink formulations. Thanks to constant innovation, our expertise now extends to curing inks via infrared, conventional LED UV or UV-A radiation, as well as substrate pre-processing requirements.

A multitude of formulations especially created for use on OMEGA Pro, OMEGA, DELTA or GAMMA printers have been optimized for top performance based on application-driven requirements. These innovative formulations – and more – reinforce Atlantic Zeiser’s market-leading position in high-technology solutions.