All-in-one controller provides real-time process control for variable data printing

The MINICONTROLLER combines a range of control components in a small footprint, offering high performance in a highly compact space for easy integration in any workspace.

Atlantic Zeiser’s  MINICONTROLLER blends a compact design with all-in-one controller functionality, enabling smooth integration and control of the most complex digital printing processes. Its modular and flexible components combine the latest digital image processing and advanced workflows with the proven performance of our industry-leading machine control and print-verify platforms.

With a wide range of features and components, the MINICONTROLLER is a plug and play solution that can be integrated onto any transport system base. In combination with user-friendly layout software with elaborated numbering and barcode solutions, as well as a wide selection of 1D and 2D bar codes, full operational flexibility is ensured.

Everything needed for plug and play integration and control of one or two printers in a production environment
Contains MINICONTROLLER Basic, along with everything needed to control any number of printers, verify printed data or control production equipment




Clemens Störk