DELTA Printer

High-speed inkjet printer with state-of-the-art UV and water-based inks for printing onto absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

DELTA modules are available in different versions with high-quality Atlantic Zeiser UV curing or water-based inks supplied by the innovative new generation of remote-controlled active ink supply. High-speed, high-quality grayscale printing for industrial marking, coding and customized application processes not only requires an economical solution, but also the flexibility to integrate inkjet components.

DELTA water-based printers offer high-quality output onto absorbent substrates, such as for commercial and security printing applications. Thanks to well-adapted formulations for high-speed printing, ink remains on the top layer and does not penetrate the fibre – providing good bounding with high-color intensity.

Atlantic Zeiser UV ink formulations are especially useful when printing on challenging substrates, such as different plastics or glossy materials often used in the pharmaceuticals as cosmetics packaging industries.

Modern piezo drop-on-demand DELTA printers are designed to replace existing continuous inkjet binary print technologies at a competitive price level. DELTA’s compact design facilitates easy integration into a variety of printing systems.

Target Markets & Applications

  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Commercial and security printing
  • Industrial product marking
DELTA Printer – Overview
Model Resolution  Print Width  Print Speed
DELTA 105 UV  600 dpi  105 mm  60 m/min
DELTA 105i UV  600 dpi  105 mm  120 m/min
DELTA 210 UV  600 dpi  210 mm  60 m/min
DELTA 105 WB  600 dpi  105 mm  75 m/min
DELTA 105i WB  600 dpi  105 mm  150 m/min
DELTA 210 WB  600 dpi  210 mm  75 m/min