Terms & Conditions

Our business

Atlantic Zeiser is a global company with a business built on long term competitiveness. Our operations are founded on honesty, integrity and sound business manners expressed in our values and policies.

Our business is based on the principles of free and fair trade, ensuring that competition and ethical conditions apply to the legal framework.

In our Code of Ethics, we express what behavior we demand from employees, suppliers, consultants and other business partners to follow. In the document, the common ground of behavior is developed on specific areas such as non-discrimination, improper influences and payments, legal compliance, good accounting principles and working conditions.

The values define the company culture and we have policies giving direction on specific matters in our daily work.

General Terms and Conditions

Building relationships is an important part of living our values. We believe in creating and maintaining long-term, mutually profitable relationships, where both parties respect the established agreement and conditions. Atlantic Zeiser aim to simplify negotiations and to rationalize the handling of contracts and contract relations.

Ute Heiler