Late-stage customization of packaging

Revolutionizing packaging: blending digital and traditional printing for unique personalization

In the fast-paced world of industrial production, agility and efficiency in printing processes are crucial to keeping up with ever-changing market demands. Packaging customization has emerged as a key strategy to enhance product appeal and cater to the unique preferences of consumers and markets. Atlantic Zeiser stands out in this dynamic landscape with its innovative solutions that seamlessly combine digital and traditional printing methods.

Overcoming challenges in traditional printing

Traditional package printing, particularly through analog methods like offset printing, has long posed challenges for packaging managers. Each design and color variation requires unique plates, making the process costly and inflexible. Even minor changes necessitate new plates, driving up costs and adding complexity. This has led to an increase in SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), complicating inventory management and increasing the risk of packaging becoming obsolete.

The digital printing breakthrough and the late-stage customization

Atlantic Zeiser has effectively addressed these challenges by integrating digital printing into traditional analog processes. This advanced technology allows for the selective customization of pre-printed packages, with specific areas left blank to be later filled via digital printing. This on-demand approach ensures more efficient operations and significantly reduces waste
This is the concept behind late-stage customization: the personalization of packaging at the last stage of packaging. It is a totally innovative tool and approach, serving brand owners for a practical simplification of all the complexities involved in packaging management.

Packaging customization

Digital customization of pre-printed cut-sheet carton.

Advanced features of Atlantic Zeiser's printing systems

Atlantic Zeiser's printing systems are revolutionizing modern packaging production with their advanced capabilities. These systems offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing graphic detailing to be applied to any section of the package layout. This reduces inventory and adapts seamlessly to fluctuating market needs. The high print quality, with resolutions up to 600 dpi and options for both monochrome and multicolor printing, delivers visually stunning results.
Efficiency and speed are key advantages, with the systems capable of printing at speeds up to 80 meters per minute and with printing widths up to 360mm and working widths up to 600mm. These systems are designed for high-volume production. Their modular design tailors them to flat cartons, making them suitable for medium to high-volume applications. Employing ProFlo inkjet technology, they offer high availability and minimal maintenance and can be retrofitted with additional modules like labelers or inspection cameras. Excelling in late-stage customization of secondary packaging, these systems integrate seamlessly with production lines, ensuring efficient operations without significant modifications. They support a wide range of substrates, enhancing their versatility across different packaging materials.

Packaging customization

Digital customization of pre-printed folded carton.

Operational and environmental advantages

Atlantic Zeiser's innovative approach to packaging customization provides substantial competitive advantages while fostering more flexible, efficient, and eco-friendly production workflows. Companies can quickly respond to market demands, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of their packaging solutions.

Industry applications

These advanced printing solutions and the late-stage customization have proven particularly beneficial in various industries and mainly for brand owners. In cosmetic packaging they allow for high-quality, visually appealing packaging that meets the aesthetic demands of the beauty industry. In food packaging, they enable the efficient production of customized packaging that complies with stringent safety standards and regulations. For industrial packaging, they provide durable and precise printing solutions for complex industrial products, enhancing market appeal and functionality.

Packaging customization

Digital marking & coding / serialization of pre-printed carton sheet.

Atlantic Zeiser's solutions are revolutionizing packaging by blending digital and traditional printing methods, offering unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and quality. These innovations empower companies to meet the unique preferences of consumers and markets, providing a substantial competitive edge. To learn more about how Atlantic Zeiser can enhance your packaging solutions, contact us now.

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