How Digital Printing Technology Enables Brand Protection, Late-Stage Customization and Personalization

At virtual.drupa 2021, Atlantic Zeiser showed how innovative inline DoD printing technology creates more efficiency, flexibility and security for late-stage packaging customization, brand protection solutions, and the personalization of financial, ID, and gift cards. A video of the exclusive web session is now available online. Using practical examples, it offers a variety of insights into a fascinating technology.

Digital inline printing continues to address a growing number of challenges in combination with drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet technology. This allows individualization of consumer goods packaging at a very late stage, especially for small batches, with the ability to add brand protection features addressing product piracy and gray market risk. When applied to the financial, ID, and commercial card markets, the technology allows high levels of personalization in a secure and cost-effective manner. At virtual.drupa 2021, we demonstrated this technology’s potential using three practical examples.

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Individualizing flat or erected folding cartons

The first practical example focuses on the DIGILINE Versa Inline Pro, a new system for digital inline color printing for flat or erected, already-filled folding cartons. The system was developed specifically to complement existing conventional packaging lines in order to allow them to capitalize on the advantages of digital technology. This enables brand owners of consumer packaged goods to retain their familiar processes and still have part of the packaged products individualized for such purposes as marketing campaigns, seasonal promotions, and country-specific information.

Fighting back in the gray market

Many manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, other luxury goods, and electronic products face great challenges beyond the printing and packaging processes. Gray market activity has become a menace, not least because of the increasing importance of e-commerce. In a specific response to these challenges, Atlantic Zeiser demonstrated the latest generation of its Gray Market Controller GMC Pro software solution. It allows efficient sales channel monitoring – assisted by algorithms and intelligent serialization.

More security and quality for card printing

The ability to personalize financial, ID, and gift cards proves that DoD technology delivers outstanding results on challenging surfaces such as plastic, as is shown in the last practical example. The PERSOMASTER Pro is Atlantic Zeiser’s new system that uses DoD technology to cover the entire range of batch sizes, from small rainbow decks to new batches encompassing several million cards. ID card personalization in particular can be combined with laser technology to provide additional security features. Absolute data integrity and security are at least as important as the brilliant print quality and low per-card cost.

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