Versatile personalization solution for commercial cards and prepaid products (up to 30,000 cards/hour)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Card Personalization
  • INDUSTRY: Cards
  • SEGMENT: Commercial Cards, Financial Cards


CARDLINE VERSA is the industry’s best-selling card personalization solution for magstripe cards. It combines state-of-the-art features to achieve greater flexibility and enhanced net performance, with an operator-friendly, low-maintenance system design. It delivers optimal speed and high net production per shift, even for different card formats like CR80 cards, odd-shaped cards, double CR80, hangtags and INCOMM products.

Built on the unequaled market experience of Atlantic Zeiser and our expertise in magnetic encoding and DoD inkjet personalization, CARDLINE VERSA handles a wide variety of products including gift, loyalty, membership and promotional cards. With an installed base exceeding 100 systems, CARDLINE VERSA has proven to be the first choice for card manufacturers and personalization bureaus. CARDLINE VERSA is a versatile and efficient personalization solution with a running speed of up to 30,000 cards per hour. It offers complete personalization, configuration flexibility, and the advantage of UV ink-based DoD printing using the field-proven Atlantic Zeiser DoD printer technology and LED-based UV curing. Magnetic stripe encoding can easily be configured for top down or bottom-up encoding, and the encoding head can be freely positioned across the card or product.

Due to a booming demand for open loop prepaid cards and based on an Atlantic Zeiser initiative, in 2009 all major financial schemes have approved DoD inkjet printing for the personalization of most of the their card brands. With their approval the schemes have honored the speed of issuance achieved with DoD technology and its superior durability. Following the acceptance of DoD-based personalization, CARDLINE VERSA is now widely utilized by personalization bureaus. The system has revolutionized the prepaid card industry, allowing for increased card volumes and lower costs without the need for more expensive and less productive embossing or thermal technologies.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick set-up times and fast job changeover
  • Integrated system performance up to 30,000 cards/hour
  • Consistently high net production
  • Low maintenance
  • Field-proven DoD print performance with up to 720-dpi resolution
  • Adjustable high-speed magnetic encoding (HiCo, LoCo) including non-ISO positions
  • Flexible positioning of personalization features


The high-performance friction feeder unit for variable formats is equipped with a vertical card holder. For larger volumes, an optional horizontal product loader can be added. The feeder system is synchronized to the speed of the main transport system. Optional pre-read camera/scanning devices are available

Magnetic Encoding
Atlantic Zeiser’s state-of-the-art high-precision magnetic encoder allows full flexibility in magstripe encoding anywhere across the card, as well as from top down or bottom up. This unit can be configured with an additional set of write/read heads for parallel encoding of up to two magstripes. Both TOP DOWN and BOTTOM UP encoding are standard

Allows inline processing of both card faces at full speed based on a field-proven design; easy change between flipping inserts

DoD Printing
Various binary DoD inkjet imaging solutions; high-quality alphanumeric / barcode printing and personalization; enabling high production speeds

Print Verification
Enables inline OCR camera verification of personalization data elements. For improved reading performance, difficult backgrounds can be faded out

Label Application
High-speed accurate wipe-on labeling with x-core function reduces roll changes and machine downtime. A user-friendly waste aspiration feature eliminates waste roll rewinding

Label Verification
A high-speed camera checks and verifies the position and integrity of each scratch-off security label

System design allows a choice of two delivery options:
(1) Shingle Delivery Unit includes waste gate and shingle delivery
(2) Dual-Shingle Delivery Unit includes waste gate, shingle delivery for remade cards, and shingle delivery for good cards

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