Solution to protect brands with an individual unique identifier to avoid falsification and to control gray market flows

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Brand Protection
  • INDUSTRY: Personal Care, Luxury Goods
  • SEGMENT: Cosmetics, Fragrances, Jewellery & Watches, Other Luxury Goods


With the GMC Pro, users benefit from what is known as a ‘closed loop’: generating and printing, verifying and reporting the codes for storing the codes securely, tracking in the supply chain and running random checks.

The GMC Pro software is a package that allows gray market and CRM coding onto single cartons or even sheets that hold multiple single folding boxes. Its graphical user interface allows fast and easy job definition for all printers, cameras and waste gate and features absolute safe production. The number ranges per each brand owner are securely separated from each other. The last produced numbers are recorded safely in order to avoid double numbers. A counting tool allows to evaluate the number of “single boxes” on the good delivery.

The core of the system for the central management of the number ranges is the Atlantic Zeiser Trust Center, that generates, stores and distributes the codes. Also the GMC and CRM codes are linked together in Atlantic Zeiser Trust Center based on a special algorithm.

All the features required for coding of sheets are included – for the cosmetics or other markets within consumer goods packaging industry.

Key Features and Benefits

  • OMEGA ProFlo drop-on-demand inkjet printing systems are attachable
  • Air-cooled curing units with very low heat radiation and less maintenance
  • Imaje continuous inkjets are attachable
  • VERICAM Pro camera for 100% data verification and print quality control
  • Management of number ranges via the Atlantic Zeiser Trust Center
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