OMEGA Printer

The OMEGA printer line seamlessly integrates into a wide variety of applications

The OMEGA printer family is the first choice for high-speed, high-resolution single-pass UV Inkjet printing. Thanks to a variety of print widths and speeds, the OMEGA can cover a wide range of industrial application requirements. Beyond monochrome product identification, additional software features allow single- or multiple spot color personalization.

The OMEGA printer line is an ideal component for integrating into existing solutions for marking and coding cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as web-fed or credit cards and other narrow-format applications. In combination with Atlantic Zeiser UV specialty inks, OMEGA print heads meet industrial requirements with the tightest tolerances for excellent reliability and ease of use. Flexible configuration of inkjet printing solutions makes it possible to meet specific customers’ needs.

Target Markets & Applications

  • Late-stage customization and serialization of packages and labels
  • Card printing and personalization
  • Full variable data printing on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • Can combine horizontal and vertical printers to allow simultaneous multiple side printing, e. g. on erected boxes
  • Print on various substrates thanks to in-house developed inks (standard and low migration inks)
OMEGA Printer – Overview
Model Resolution  Print Width  Print Speed
OMEGA 36  360 dpi  36 mm  30 m/min
OMEGA 36 HZ  360 dpi  36 mm  30 m/min
OMEGA 36i  360 dpi  36 mm  60 m/min
OMEGA 36i HZ  360 dpi  36 mm  60 m/min
OMEGA 36HD  720 dpi  36 mm  25 m/min
OMEGA 72  360 dpi  72 mm  30 m/min
OMEGA 72i  360 dpi  72 mm  60 m/min
OMEGA 72HD  720 dpi  72 mm  25 m/min
OMEGA 144  360 dpi  144 mm  30 m/min
OMEGA 210  360 dpi  210 mm  30 m/min
OMEGA 70P  360 dpi  70 mm  24 m/min
OMEGA 72HDV  720 dpi  72 mm  25 m/min