Digital full-color printing system for late-stage customization of secondary packaging

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Digital Printing
  • INDUSTRY: Food, Dairy, Beverage, Personal Care, Home Care, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Goods, Luxury Goods, Pet Care, Tea & Coffee, Tissue & Hygiene, Tobacco
  • SEGMENT: Other Food, Other Dairy, Other Beverage, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Other Home Care, Toothpaste, Other Automotive, Other Electronics, Other Industrial Goods, Other Luxury Goods, Other Oral Care, Skin & Sun Care, Other Personal Care, Other Pet Care, Other Tea & Coffee, Other Tissue & Hygiene, Cigarettes, Cigars & Cigarillos, Other Tobacco, Snus, Hair Care


​​DIGILINE Versa Pro is a fully integrated and modular system for digital monochrome or multi-color late-stage customization and/or serialization of flat objects, erected and filled folding boxes or rigid plastics in one single pass.
The stand-alone system combines multitude up-to-date technologies for an efficient and process safe turnkey solution. It assures that all of todays and future serialization requirements can be fulfilled. The late-stage customization functions enables the production of many different specific styles starting from almost blank packaging (carton/plastics), thus considerably reducing the number of packaging variants to be managed with respect to procurement, storage space and stock keeping. Emerging demand for special or only in small quantities required styles, design changes and seasonal promotions are manufactured with shortest process time, close to demand and just in time.

Basic Version:
Feeder with alignment, vacuum transport, OMEGA Pro inkjet printing system, VERICAM Pro data verification and print control camera, sensor controlled ejection, shingle delivery, process safe production software

Intermix camera, label unit, monochrome or full-color printer, qualification documents

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