Digital modular printing system for late-stage packaging customization and/or serialization of flat cartons

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Digital Printing
  • INDUSTRY: Food, Dairy, Beverage, Personal Care, Home Care, Electronics, Industrial Goods, Luxury Goods, Pet Care, Tea & Coffee, Tissue & Hygiene, Tobacco, Automotive & Racing
  • SEGMENT: Other Food, Other Dairy, Other Beverage, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Other Home Care, Toothpaste, Other Electronics, Other Industrial Goods, Other Luxury Goods, Other Oral Care, Skin & Sun Care, Other Personal Care, Other Pet Care, Other Tea & Coffee, Other Tissue & Hygiene, Cigarettes, Cigars & Cigarillos, Snus, Hair Care, Other Automotive


The digital press for flat cartons
DIGILINE Single is a fully integrated, modular system solution for printing on flat cartons (glued or unglued) in medium and higher volumes. The system combines several state-of-the-art technologies to provide consistent high code quality and durable long-lasting prints. DIGILINE Single can be used for different applications in the packaging sector.

The versatile transport mechanism of DIGILINE Single allows the use and retrofit of a multitude of modules like OMEGA ProFlo DoD UV-inkjet printers in different widths, labelers or inspection cameras. Coded products that have not been approved by the inspection camera are rejected reliably through the waste gate.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Working width up to 600mm
  • Printing width up to 360mm
  • Up to 80m/min at 600dpi
  • High-quality monochrome/multichrome printing
  • ProFlo inkjet technology – designed for high availability and low touch maintenance
  • Detection of unexpected carton types and non-aligned cartons
  • Double feed and product length detection
  • Precise, modular and ajustable vacuum transport system
  • High cost-efficiency thanks to fast change-over of jobs
  • Retrofit of additional modules anytime possible

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