Flexible end-to-end system for automated card mailing

PERSOMAIL is a market-leading mid-range card mailing solution for personalized mailers carrying CR80-sized bank or ID cards. With more than 200 units installed worldwide, the second-generation PERSOMAIL is a proven and reliable system for the banking and ID card industry that offers fast job change-over with the highest level of data integrity, flexibility, and versatility.

PERSOMAIL is a complete, modular system for personalized printing of letter mailers used to deliver bank and identity cards. The system can work with standard cards originating from any production source, including flat or embossed formats.

A range of end-to-end system configurations is available, including card feeding and reading, personalized letter printing, along with card attaching, matching, folding and inserting components that can be individually configured for maximum flexibility.

PERSOMAIL features a modern graphical user interface designed for streamlined setup and operation, with an easy-to-operate carrier printing process based on Microsoft Word. Cards and carriers are individually tracked as they run through the system and rejected if any reading or matching errors are found. Unique to the midrange segment and ensuring end-to-end data integrity, an inline weighing system and a barcode reader can be added to the end of the line, additionally verifying the folding and envelope inserting process.

The result is a dependable, field-proven system that runs smoothly and efficiently to produce thousands of ready-to-send mail pieces.

Card Feeding PERSOMAIL can be equipped with up to four input feeders, each holding up to 400 cards, for a total of 1,600 cards. All feeders can handle the same job in sequence with minimal operator intervention, or different feeders can be assigned to specific jobs in short-run situations.
Card Reading Enables 1- and 2-D barcode reading and OCR reading on front and back side, reading of magnetic stripes, and reading of contact and contactless chips.
Carrier Print Preparation A Microsoft Word-based carrier printing process is used. Fixed text elements and individual personalized data and graphics can be combined for every document. An integrated barcode engine enables inline barcode generation for carrier-to-card matching. Variable data can be supplied in various database formats.
Card Channel Applies a double-sided adhesive label for card affixing to the carrier. A card buffer ensures smooth job throughput and synchronized printing.
Carrier Channel Synchronized to the cards, carriers are printed and personalized, and fed into the system. Monochrome and color printers are available. Alternatively, a cut-sheet feeder is available to process pre-printed personalized carriers.
Card Attaching Allows selective attaching of up to four cards per carrier. A barcode reader is used to verify proper matching before card attaching.
Folding and Inserting Enables carrier folding using all conventional types of folds, inserting additional enclosures and enveloping.
Weighing and Barcode Verification After closing the envelope, the address can be read once more and the mail piece can be weighed. This information, in combination with process control of the card attachment, guarantees the highest level of integrity.



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