ID card personalization system - secure laser marking and vivid color DoD inkjet printing (up to 4,200 cards/hour)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Card Personalization
  • INDUSTRY: Cards
  • SEGMENT: ID Cards


​​Government eID cards are in most cases an indispensable basis for digital transformation. Whether National Identity Cards, Driver’s Licenses, Voter ID or Healthcare Cards, PERSOMASTER allows efficient personalization in color or black and white with highest durability.
Atlantic Zeiser has 15+ years of real field experience in DoD inkjet printing. With an installed base of hundreds of DoD personalization systems, we are the world leader in cutting-edge DoD based personalization solutions.

In order to achieve a high level of security, PERSOMASTER can combine drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet with grayscale laser technology. In this configuration, the black channel of the cardholder’s photo is laser marked into the card material. The color channels for vivid printing of the cardholder's photograph are printed by UV color ink. As an additional feature, PERSOMASTER can also apply security elements using invisible ink.

To increase security and durability, PERSOMASTER can also apply a special varnish layer – either as a spot varnish or edge-to-edge.

ID cards personalized by PERSOMASTER using this technology have been qualified by FOGRA for ISO 24789 and 10373 compliance. Furthermore, DoD printing technology allows ICAO-compliant personalization.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High security laser marking with vivid and fast color DoD printing
  • High-resolution graphic personalization in black, white and color
  • Lowest personalization cost per card
  • Processes up to 4,200 cards/hour


Infeed station designed for scratch-free feeding from two magazines; double cards are automatically detected and rejected into a lockable reject box

Chip Programming
Scalable chip programming; up to 21 reader interfaces; high-speed programming coping with the most complex personalization requirements; contactless or dual-interface cards; Open DLL Interface

Laser Marking
High security laser for ID card holder’s photograph and other data to an inner layer; other security features are possible; embedded flipping feature for processing both card faces with one single laser (optional); MLI and CLI laser marking module (optional)

DoD Printing
Vivid and robust color DoD printing of photographs without any impact on system performance; deep black or opaque white DoD personalization (biodata, MRZ, PDF 417 coded, fingerprints and other data)

UV Varnish
Spot or edge-to-edge varnish protection for extended card life and security; superior abrasion resistance and long-term durability

Print Verification
No time-consuming set-up and teach-in of the print control camera; 100% OCR verification, 1D/2D code reading; X/Y print registration feature precisely position personalized content on displaced card artwork

Flipping & Buffer
Inline processing of both card faces at full speed; embedded card buffer for emptying upstream modules during a downstream stop

Stack Sorting
Includes two card magazines and flexible sorting modes for easy handling of personalized cards

Card Mailing
Optional inline mailing module to produce finished envelopes

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