Record-breaking attendance at PACK EXPO

Review – Impressions PACK EXPO Las Vegas / Pharma EXPO 2015

September 28 – 30, 2015

Atlantic Zeiser took the opportunity of the record-breaking attendance at PACK EXPO Las Vegas to showcase some new and exciting technologies. Partnering with several companies such as NJM, Pharmaworks and Pineberry Manufacturing allowed Atlantic Zeiser to demonstrate a wide variety of solutions.

Located in the North Hall in the Pharma EXPO portion of the PACK EXPO, Atlantic Zeiser featured the DIGILINE Label coupled with the NJM Model 126 Trotter labeler. The DIGILINE Label printed the serialized variable data on labels while the NJM Trotter applied said labels to the primary packages (bottles) at speeds up to 54 meters / min (177 feet / min). The high resolution of the printer drew the attention of attendees especially when it was shown how resistant the UV ink is to abrasion and solvents.

Atlantic Zeiser’s DIGILINE Blister Inline was also located in the North Hall in the Pharma EXPO portion of the PACK EXPO at the Pharmaworks stand. Pharmaworks was featuring their TF3 Thermoformer with the DIGILINE Blister Inline printing directly onto blister foil at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and a print width of 300 mm. Visitors were not only impressed with the high quality of the print but the potential cost savings versus flexo print technology as well.

Over in the Central Hall, Atlantic Zeiser showcased a new CMYK printer in Pineberry Manufacturing’s stand. Mounted on a Pineberry transport, the printer printed vibrant 4-color images at speeds up to 520 ft/min on flat cartons which impressed attendees. The printer itself can be used is a variety of ways, printing on cartons (flat or erect), labels or just about any flat surface.

Atlantic Zeiser is looking forward to Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago!

Daniel Rhoades
Daniel Rhoades
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