Serialization solution for Abacus Medicine

“How to serialize both very small and large lot sizes of varying formats with high efficiency”

For this purpose, we have developed a solution for Abacus Medicine, a fast-growing parallel importer of prescription-only original pharmaceutical products. This solution comprises software and hardware components.

The Danish company deals with a very wide range of packaging and lot sizes, and therefore needed a solution which enables manual as well as semi- and fully automatic processes. Depending on the order size, two different systems are used.

Fully equipped with software, a printer, and a camera system for 100% verification, the MEDILINE T&T Single Item allows for the economic serialization of (very) small lot sizes and a wide range of formats in a small footprint.

The DIGILINE Versa is used for larger lot sizes. The system complies with all current serialization and coding requirements worldwide. It applies monochrome printing centrally, with a small footprint, to flat or glued cartons in a single pass ahead of the packaging process.

At the production site in Hungary, two DIGILINE VERSA units handle the printing of flat folding cartons and three MEDILINE Track & Trace Single units apply print to filled folding cartons. Plans for equipping another production site are already underway.

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