EMV Banking and Color ID Card Personalization System – First with DoD Inkjet Technology

PERSOMASTER brings about a revolution in the personalization of banking and ID cards: for the first time, brilliant and cost-efficient DoD printing technology covers the whole spectrum of print runs, from rainbow decks with small batches to re-issuance peaks with several million cards. The performance range of the compact, modular and extremely flexible system extends to 4,200 cards an hour. When used for ID cards, PERSOMASTER even allows to combine the advantages of market-proven laser marking with brilliant and fast four-color DoD printing.

Atlantic Zeiser has 15+ years of real field experience in DoD inkjet printing. With an installed base of hundreds of DoD personalization systems, we are the world leader in cutting-edge DoD based personalization solutions.

PERSOMASTER offers full rainbow deck capabilities. It can process many small, very different orders in one production batch – seamlessly and without any interruption.

Moreover, an optional mailing module operates in parallel, printing personalized business letters, applying up to four cards, folding the mail piece, adding enclosures, and inserting the package into envelopes ready for sending.

PERSOMASTER therefore makes it possible to use the advantages of the brilliant, highly abrasion-resistant DoD personalization and color printing technology for an even wider range of production runs.

Input Infeed Station designed for scratch-free feeding from two magazines. Double cards are automatically detected and rejected into a lockable reject box.
Product ID Verification VERICAM Pro Camera based reading of a product ID code pre-printed on the card body. Fast setup as no layout parameters are required for teach-in.
Magnetic Encoding High-precision ISO magnetic encoding of LoCo and HiCo cards with the card in a static position.
Chip Programming Scalable chip programming module features up to 21 industry standard reader interfaces to enable high-speed programming of contact, contactless or dual-interface cards. Using an Open DLL Interface customers can directly control the chip personalization with direct access to the reader.
DoD Printing PERSOMASTER sets new benchmarks regarding the versatile, high-quality, and economic personalization of EMV Credit and Debit Cards as well as Color ID Cards. Thanks to the DoD printing technology, the system offers practically unlimited flexibility regarding the design and placing of the personalized data. Robust deep black, opaque white and vivid color graphical personalization of card holder data such as account number, expiry date, name, CVV2, 1D or 2D barcodes and color photographs.
Print Verification A time-consuming set-up and teach-in of the print control camera is not required. PERSOMASTER uses the new VERICAM Pro print control camera solution to perform on-the-fly dynamic adjustments.
Label Application Inline application of activation labels. No tooling required.
Flipping & Buffer Allows inline processing of both card faces at full speed. An embedded card buffer allows emptying of upstream modules during a downstream stop ensuring reduced reject rates.
Laser Marking For government ID card applications, PERSOMASTER additionally offers high security laser marking which can mark the card holder’s photograph and other data to an inner layer of the card body. Other security features such as combining laser marking with Color DoD printing and MLI/CLI features are also possible.
Stack Sorting Includes two card magazines and flexible sorting modes for easy handling of personalized cards.
Card Mailing While the cards are being personalized, a PERSOMASTER mailing module can prepare everything for sending. The rainbow deck capability also applies to the mailing module. All relevant parameters can change on the fly.


Ute Heiler