drupa 2016: Cost effective short run production of gift and loyalty cards

Digital printing and personalization in a single pass

  • Highly productive and flexible – and the lowest cost per card.
  • CARDLINE VERSA Color is a complete card factory in a fraction of the traditional footprint.
  • Color artwork printing and in-line personalization starting from blank cards.
  • Unique system configurations for all your production needs.

Unprecedented color brilliance and efficiency, even with short runs, are the hallmarks of a new system for producing and personalizing high-quality gift and loyalty cards in a single production pass. Atlantic Zeiser is presenting the CARDLINE VERSA Color at drupa 2016 (Hall 15, Booth B02). The system prints in full color and personalizes at the same time – without any preprocessing of the blank PVC cards and without the separate time-consuming pre-RIP-ing of the variable data and background images in advance. These benefits are largely attributable to a printer with drop-on-demand (DoD) technology for UV ink. “CARDLINE VERSA Color and a new UV ink enable us to complement the customary offset printing color spectrum with numerous special colors, and to produce the individual tones durably and consistently. Especially in the expanding gift card market, card-issuing trademark owners attach the utmost priority to accurate reproduction. Until now, these requirements could be met only with offset printing,” explains Friedbert Bayer, business area manager in the security printing systems division of Atlantic Zeiser. “CARDLINE VERSA Color gives card producers new options for creating eye-catching layouts while observing many issuers’ corporate design directives. Compared to traditional offset, moreover, they can produce much smaller runs cost-effectively.”

Quick set-up and configuration

CARDLINE VERSA Color is a full-scale card production factory in a fraction of the traditional footprint. And because Atlantic Zeiser DoD printing technology uses lower-cost consumables versus conventional printing systems – and an all-digital workflow is more productive over many short runs – the system can produce cards at the lowest cost. The system is highly flexible and available in unique customer-specific configurations for all personalization technologies, transport modules, magnetic encoding, inkjet systems, cameras, labelers and more. For creative production options, a UV coating module can provide full edge-to-edge or spot varnishing. The system handles standard CR80 card products and functions for almost all formats, including odd-shaped cards, hang tags, and double CR80 cards.

Magnetic encoding, printing and other special requirements for the CARDLINE VERSA Color system are managed by a centralized, easy-to-operate Host PC. All variable data RIP-ing is done inline in real time for a fully synchronized throughput with no interruption. It also allows quick set-up and adjustment for efficient job changeovers or multiple short runs.

Like all Atlantic Zeiser card personalization systems CARDLINE VERSA Color can be optionally integrated with the company’s personalization workflow system (PMP), a highly secure client/server-based system that manages all personalization data as well as the card personalization and mailing processes. PMP orders can be automatically received from customers, scheduled and configured to optimize workflow and expand revenue potential.

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Ute Heiler