Digital Inline Late Stage Customization

Inline solution for brand owners and Consumer Goods manufacturers.

Late Stage Customization for erected cartons

  • The new DIGILINE Versa Inline gives users access to the benefits of variable data printing without the need to completely redesign existing production lines.
  • Thanks to superior full-color UV inkjet printing technology, consistent branding is achieved even with extensive individualization or personalization.
  • As this results in fewer different types of cardboard packaging that must be kept in stock, the supply chain also becomes considerably more efficient and flexible.

Matching supply and demand in near real-time is the ultimate challenge for brand owners and Consumer Goods manufacturers – and Late Stage Customization is a key answer to that problem. It enables users to be very fast and agile in designing packaging – for instance for event-related or seasonal marketing campaigns as well as campaigns that are customized for individual target groups or completely personalized.

At the 2019 FachPack exhibition, Atlantic Zeiser will premiere a solution capable of individualizing not only flat, but also erected and filled folding cartons with brilliant digital color print in batch sizes as small as 1 (hall 3, stand 3-113, joint Coesia stand with Atlantic Zeiser, FlexLink, and Hapa).

The DIGILINE Versa Inline can be integrated into the process chain wherever the benefit is the greatest, allowing brand owners and Consumer Goods manufacturers to quickly access the advantages of digital variable data printing without the need to completely redesign existing production lines. Thereby, the number of carton packaging types that must be procured and stocked can be considerably reduced, along with the related storage and retrieval processes. Late Stage Customization thus also becomes a means of making the supply chain more flexible and efficient. It is no longer a question whether Late Stage Customization will prevail, but rather how fast it will become the standard and who will be among the winners. In addition to Atlantic Zeiser, this segment also comprises Hapa and the ink specialist Tritron. The key to success will therefore be to start small, learn quick, and scale fast. For that reason, the DIGILINE Versa Inline is designed to economically produce even very small batch sizes. Its application range covers printing unique identifiers as well as special promotion codes and different languages or country-specific versions. As the system is capable of brilliant color detail reproduction with a resolution of up to 600 dpi on a wide range of surface materials, it is ideally suited for ensuring consistent branding in Late Stage Customization.

Efficient handling

The new DIGILINE Versa Inline has also been designed for maximum efficiency with regard to handling. The integrated four-color high-performance printer OMEGA Pro uses innovative embedded RIP technology that enables inline ripping of the variable data components. The time saving is enormous because the transfer of unnecessarily large data volumes produced by pre-ripping entire documents is avoided. Automated cleaning of the inkjets ensures consistently flawless print quality and the highest possible availability. Manual print head cleaning is therefore largely eliminated, so that the operator can turn their attention to other tasks while this maintenance routine is in progress. A contactless cleaning process not only minimizes UV ink consumption, but also improves print head availability.

In addition to the printer, the basic DIGILINE Versa Inline module consists of a very smooth-running vacuum transport frame and an electronic shaft for integration into existing packaging lines. Depending on customer requests and needs, available options include an alignment path, work-piece carrier, verification camera, ejection system, and a high-performance production software.

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