Secure ID cards for Tanzanian Government

High speed, exceptional print quality and low cost per card.

  • Beginning of 2020 two PERSOMASTER systems built by Atlantic Zeiser get installed in Dar es Salaam for personalizing and printing the new eID cards.
  • Customer persuaded by high speed, exceptional print quality and low cost per card.
  • Project scope includes personalization and control software as well as special encoding technology.

Atlantic Zeiser has procured a major order from Tanzania in East Africa, where the government is taking rapid steps to introduce a new smart eID card. It is investing in the very latest state-of-the-art personalization and printing technology made in Germany. Beginning of 2020 Atlantic Zeiser is installing two specially configured PERSOMASTER personalization systems in Dar es Salaam, a major city on the Tanzanian coast. The country’s National Identification Authority (NIDA) expects the systems to enter service in Q1 2020. NIDA employees have already undergone initial training at Atlantic Zeiser’s headquarters in Emmingen, Germany. Further training is to take place in Dar es Salaam. The order also encompasses the corresponding personalization and control software. Special encoding technology has an important role to play because the chip integrated in the card is to host additional public sector functionality at a later date.

DoD technology and invisible ink application

Among the reasons for awarding the contract to Atlantic Zeiser was the company’s commitment to DoD (drop-on-demand) inkjet technology. Compared to legacy printing systems, such as those relying on dye sublimation or laser, DoD inkjet is not only much faster, but also offers a massively reduced cost per card. Each of the two PERSOMASTER systems is capable of personalizing as many as 4,500 cards an hour – with all the benefits of brilliant four-color printing. The personalization takes place on pre-printed polycarbonate cards. An ink developed by experts at Tritron, an Atlantic Zeiser sister company, enables the DoD technology to produce an abrasion-proof image on the polycarbonate material. “In the context of personalizing the ID cards, this allows us to achieve the desired durability of ten years, which is a very good lifespan,” explains the Sales Director Card Systems at Atlantic Zeiser who is overseeing the project. Alongside the card holder’s photograph and personal data, an additional security feature is applied to the card with a special invisible ink. “It gives the ID cards a high degree of protection against copying and counterfeiting,” he insists.

For Atlantic Zeiser, the project has a value of several million euros. Around 56 million people live in Tanzania, which makes it the fifth most highly populated country in Africa. The African nations in which Atlantic Zeiser has already implemented personalization projects include Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.

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Ute Heiler